Thursday, February 9, 2012

The day of grandparents..

Tokma and tokbah teared up when mama and abah broke the news..At first they couldnt make a guess when i asked whether they're going for Hajj this year cos i need to be in hometown during that time.. They had this blank face and Tokma thought your abah got to be part of medical team for Hajj.. We couldnt hold the excitement any longer so your abah told them that i am actually 8 weeks pregnant. They expression they had later was priceless. Both were saying prayers of grateful to Allah with tears in their eyes..I went to hug both of them.. Earlier i had difficulty to stay in the kitchen to help with cooking, luckily your abah is around to prepare for breaskfast. I had to find a spot near the door so that i can ventilate, the smell is unbearable for me. Cik ha and family were here as well.. Later tokma had small reunion with her maktab frens... Tokma prepared mee udang and ketupat sotong but i could only enjoy the earlier.. Saying goodbye to seafood for now *sob sob..

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