Monday, February 27, 2012

The day of flashback

It's 10 weeks plus already and you've been a lot kinder to mama...Even with supersensitive sense of smell, I can slowly enjoy meal with pinched looks terrible but I can bear with it..Dates and fresh fruits with milk are still my bestfriend until late evening before I can try out other food..

Here's down the memory lane of early days before I found out about you. In December last year, we moved in to our current rented house and shortly after our 1st anniversary, I had my last menses. Then in early January, I noticed of unsightful muffin top whenever I wear my pants. I waited for it to go away but it didnt.. Then i hop onto the weighing scale and there goes the panic button!!
- I became more compliance with my Herbalife shakes (still consuming it for daily nutritional)and tried to make it twice a day..
 -Sign up for aerobic class (after a long procrastination) twice a week
 -Promised myself to STAY AWAY from iced drink for a year (oldfolk's tales..gah!!)
-I even bought "Losyen Pati Halia' in my desperate attempt to get rid of the love handles.. ..

yes, your mama is self-proclaimed body conscious ( and I can see your abah nodding gleefully:p) But none of those works, the bulge remained and I have to calm myself down by saying that maybe it takes time because of age..

Then comes this senile episodes
 1-Locked myself inside the house because i left the house key in the car and your abah was away for his oncall
 2-Make a u-turn on my way home the very same day after morning shift because I forgot to return the triage laptop to the in-charge officer 
3-Left some of the purchases at pasar malam while waiting for som-tam...
4-Forgot my password for Bank Islam's online thus getting the account blocked...ggrrr!

 Your Aunty Im already mentioned of UPT (urine pregnancy test) when I rambled about this in facebook but I thought it's a bit tooo soon..

 I was quite preoccupied with my body change that I eagerly waited for my next menses, wishing it will bring away the extra kg's away..but after a week of expected date, no sign of it yet..So I flipped through my 2011'a organiser, the latest would've been 3 to 4 days delay..

 Now, the bell is ringing out loud..still I thought I should wait a little longer and continued with my aerobic exercise...huhuhu

 But curiousity kills the cat, instead of waiting for another week as promised with your abah(to make it 6 weeks POA), I slipped in the UPT kit from emergency department into my bag on that Friday and waited until night to check it tadaaaaa, it's two lines..alhamdulillahh!

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